Business Affiliate Application Form:

Questions? contact Tyler Kubicek, Exhibit and Sales Coordinator, at 480.674.5655 or

The AzDA Services Business Affiliate Program is designed to provide businesses

a formal relationship with the Arizona Dental Association that demonstrates their commitment and support to organized dentistry and AzDA member dentists.

The AzDA Services Business Affiliate program requires a choice of either a Tier 2 $499/yr or Tier 1 $999/yr (you choose) annual financial contribution and the assurance of the highest level of customer service to AzDA members. A recognizable logo (shown above right) actively promoted by AzDA Services in print and online advertising to AzDA members. The logo is used by the Business Affiliate partners to promote their products and services to AzDA members providing an identifiable connection to AzDA and organized dentistry in Arizona.


  • Access to the AzDA Business Affiliate logo, which you can use to show your support of organized dentistry. AzDA members recognize the logo, and many are extremely loyal to companies that support their Association.
  • 10% discount on advertising in Inscriptions (AzDA’s award-winning monthly publication).
  • 10% discount on exhibit booth spaces at AzDA’s annual dental convention, WRDE as well as AzDA’s smaller, primarily dentist-only Fall Conference.
  • 10% discount on Continuing Education (CE) table sponsorships.
  • Discounted flat rate for AzDA’s one-time use mailing labels.
  • Your business name and contact information are listed in our AzDA Business Affililate section in both the print and digital versions of Inscriptions.
  • TIER 1 ONLY: This $999 option includes free digital banners in our AzDA email updates (your banner will appear in four different emails) as well as an opportunity to contribute one sponsored article in an AzDA email update (your article will appear in one email) over the course of the year. It’s your responsibility to submit your graphic banner ad and sales article. For specifics, visit


AzDA Services is the wholly owned for-profit subsidiary of the Arizona Dental Association. The Business Affiliate Program requires an annual contribution of $999 or $499, depending on which tier you choose. The Business Affiliate contribution does not confer any membership rights or endorsement status to the Business Affiliate companies. The Business Affiliate annual contribution does entitle the company to defined discounts and promotional benefits as designated by AzDA Services, Inc., including the use of the AzDA Services Business Affiliate logo to promote their participation in the program. The Business Affiliate program is designed to promote the companies that support organized dentistry to AzDA Members and encourage the consideration of patronage to these companies.

By the above signature authorization, I am confirming I understand the nature of this contribution to AzDA Services, and I will use the AzDA Services Business Affiliate logo strictly as outlined. Further, I understand the AzDA Services Business Affiliate Program will auto renew, and AzDA Services, Inc. will invoice for the defined contribution amount at the time of annual renewal.

The company will be afforded seven (7) business days to opt out of the renewal for a full refund. I agree that AzDA Services can, in its sole discretion and for any reason, revoke my company’s business affiliate status and I waive any and all claims or demands for damages if such revocation occurs. I, on behalf of my company, completely and entirely indemnify and hold harmless AzDA Services and AzDA, and their and all related employees, agents, and representatives from any claims, damages, injuries, demands, losses, or other events arising from or involving this Business Affiliate Program.