AzDA Membership—Doers, dreamers, joiners, leaders, colleagues, and backers are always welcome. No matter what model you practice in, you belong here.

Why did I join AzDA, and why should you?  
Like you, I want to spend my money where it benefits me THE MOST and that is the reason I joined ADA and AzDA!

I have been an AzDA member since moving here in 2001 and an ADA member since my graduation in 1996. As a specialist,  I joined because I want to have a voice in my profession, and AzDA/ADA is my voice.

AzDA works behind the scenes to address so many issues affecting us dentists that we cannot do alone. AzDA/ADA advocates for us both nationally and statewide so that we can be better practitioners and allow us to practice the way WE WANT TO PRACTICE rather than the way insurance companies and other outside factors want us to practice.  

This year alone, AzDA is working tirelessly to address legislatively insurance issues that affect us and working on addressing the workforce shortage we have in our state so that we can ALL have an improved practice life! AzDA cares about us and our mental health as well and is setting up a new program to allow you to seek free mental health assistance should you need it.  

What other organization in dentistry is doing all this just for YOU?

We, as dentists, are more powerful together, so please consider joining ADA with me!  Still not sure? I am happy to answer any questions you may have as to how membership benefits you.

—Dr. Ann Hammi Blue, 2024 AzDA President


Have membership questions or need help going through the process?

Don’t worry. I am here to help you. I am Janna, and I’ve been AzDA’s membership director for over 15 years and have helped thousands of dentists become members and join AzDA’s family. If you want to learn about all the benefits AzDA offers or if you need a helping hand through the membership process, please call on me. I am here to help you.

AzDA Membership

Trusted—Since 1909, the Arizona Dental Association (AzDA) has been the recognized voice of dentistry for Arizona.

Discover expert guidance, fierce advocacy, unmatched protection, top notch education, and access to practice-changing benefits as an AzDA member.

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Challenge yourself; shape your profession; develop real, meaningful relationships; become a leader, and explore a whole world of dentistry you never knew existed—just a few things that AzDA can do for you.


Participate when, where, and how you want. Shape the way you want your career to go and to grow. AzDA will help you do it!

Stay Informed

Gain access to timely, relevant BODEX, government, and insurance information that will directly affect your practice.


Sharpen your skills. Collaborate, ask for help, and bounce ideas off other clinicians in my area without fear of being trolled.


Become the leader you never thought you could be by volunteering—help to shape your profession for the next generation.


Obtain insider resources and take advantage of exclusive member discounts.


Develop life-long friendships with colleagues in your area and throughout the state that you would have never met on your own.


Tap into the AzDA’s team when you have a question or a concern. We’re “real people,” and we’re here to help you!


Help the community and the profession in ways you could never do on your own.


Challenge yourself. Gain the respect and collegiality of your fellow Arizona dentists.


Be a part of something bigger than yourself and be a part of something that truly matters.

Become a member of a larger dental family today—our dental family—join AzDA


There's a larger world of dentistry out there that extends beyond the four walls of your practice or with Facebook friends. Joining AzDA will broaden your horizons and open you up to ideas, inspiration, and collegiality for a lifetime.

Join us today, and let's start this journey—together.