Coronal Polish

Coronal Polishing by dental assistants is permitted in Arizona when the dental assistant has passed the Arizona Coronal Polish Exam administered by the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB).


The cost for taking the DANB Coronal Polish exam the first time is $150 for the exam, $75 application fee, and $50 certification fee. If a second testing is needed, the cost is $150 for the exam and $75 for the application fee. You will need to contact DANB directly to schedule and pay for your exam. Check DANBs webpage to see a schedule of test sites around Arizona.

The exam will cover, among other things, types of stains and deposits, anatomy of a clinical crown, types of dental materials and restorations, polishing agents, armamentarium, anatomy and dentition and state laws pertaining to prophylaxis. Candidates must also provide an affidavit from a dentist attesting that he/she has observed a coronal polish as part of a prophylaxis for at least one adult and one pediatric patient and performed a coronal polish as part of a prophylaxis on at least two adults and two pediatric patients.

Coronal Polish

The Arizona Dental Association is pleased to work with Rio Salado College and Phoenix College with their online courses designed exclusively for dental assistants who are preparing to take the Coronal Polishing exam through DANB. Although taking this or any other course is not required in order to take the exam, it could be beneficial in helping to pass the 75-question exam.

Two course options:

  • $75 - Entirely online and prepares the student for the DANB CP exam.
  • $200 - Online, but has an in-person lab for the student to practice coronal polishing. This course also prepares the student for the DANB CP exam.

Coronal Polishing Courses by: