AzDA Perks Endorsed Partner—Our Highest Level of Association to Company Engagement

The AzDA Perks Endorsed Partners Program (or AzDA Perks) is a collection of dental industry companies that have been put through a rigorous vetting process to become endorsed by the Arizona Dental Association. The Arizona Dental Association only endorses companies of demonstrated quality and a viable application in the practice of dentistry and the general business operations of a dental office.


In order to ensure AzDA only endorses reliable, reputable companies, the process of becoming an AzDA Perks Endorsed Business Partner is extensive and meticulous. The engagement with the AzDA Perks Program is contractual. In fact, AzDA Perks Business Partners agree to return a share of the sales they make to AzDA members back to the Association and provide AzDA with periodic financial reporting.

The AzDA Perks Program provides members negotiated discounts on products and services. Because of their credibility and commitment to providing exceptional service, AzDA members look at endorsed companies as reliable, reputable business partners that they can trust.

The AzDA Perks program requires a consistent commitment to marketing the company's products and services to AzDA members. Therefore, only companies with the resources and manpower to roll out a comprehensive marketing campaign to the full membership of AzDA receive this coveted endorsement.

Requirements of becoming an AzDA Perks Endorsed Partner:

  • A yearly minimum commitment of $4,000 in support to the Arizona Dental Association (to be paid up front by companies starting their first year as an endorsed company). This support can be in the form of royalties paid, payments for advertising or sponsorship. In-kind or monetary donations to our political fund, the Arizona Dental Foundation, etc. do not apply.
  • An agreement to participate at one or both of AzDA’s yearly meetings: WRDE (spring) or Fall Conference (fall) as an exhibitor or sponsor (minimum spend of $1,000)
  • Quarterly sales reports are provided to AzDA for review. These are emailed to the Business Development Manager.

Benefits of becoming an AzDA Perks Endorsed Partner:
  • Access to the AzDA Perks Endorsed Partner logo, which you can use to show your relationship with AzDA. AzDA members recognize the logo, and many are loyal to companies that support their Association.
  • 15% discount on advertising in Inscriptions (AzDA’s award-winning monthly publication).
  • 15% discount on exhibit booth space at AzDA’s annual dental convention, WRDE as well as AzDA’s Fall Conference.
  • 15% discount on Continuing Education (CE) table sponsorships.
  • Discounted flat rate for AzDA’s one-time use mailing labels.
  • Your business name and contact information are listed in our AzDA Perks Endorsed Partners section in both the print and digital versions of Inscriptions.
  • Once a year, you are encouraged to submit an article for publication in Inscriptions. The article may appear in the print, digital, or both formats (decided by executive director, editor, and editorial board). Before submitting any article, be sure to receive a copy of AzDA’s editorial guidelines. Articles are subject to approval by the executive director, editor, and editorial board.

How to become an AzDA Perks Endorsed Partner:
  1. Closely review the requirements above. If you can adhere to them, reach out to AzDA at and indicate that you would like to be considered as an AzDA Perks Endorsed Partner. Do not submit unsolicited business proposals for endorsement. They will not be considered. Connect with us first, and let’s discuss the best way to move forward.
  2. If both parties feel endorsement might be a fit, you’ll develop a proposal that will be considered by AzDA Services and references will need to be provided. AzDA will provide you guidelines on what to include in your proposal.
  3. Once the submitted proposal meets all of the criteria, references are checked. Afterward, the AzDA Services Board President and Secretary/Treasurer conduct an in-depth evaluation of the proposal and make a recommendation regarding whether it should go before the AzDA Services Board.
  4. If the Board President and Secretary/Treasurer approve the proposal for review by the AzDA Services Board, the proposal goes on the agenda for the next available AzDA Services Board Meeting where it is presented, discussed, and voted upon.

How long does the endorsement process take?
It varies depending on the company, industry, and complexity of the proposal. However, the minimum amount of time is three to four months. Remember, this is a relationship, so careful planning and consideration is required.


Interested in becoming a Perks Endorsed Partner? Contact

Read this before you inquire about becoming an AzDA endorsed partner (revenue share)

AzDA appreciates companies wanting to jump right into the deep end and go in for an endorsed/partner relationship that may involve a revenue share. However, there are reasons our AzDA Services Board and Executive Director suggest a different path forward to possible endorsement—particularly if you haven't worked with AzDA before.

Reason 1) The vetting process is rigorous and it takes a while
A partnership relationship with AzDA definitely can be rewarding for all parties. However, the process of becoming an endorsed partner (with a revenue share) goes through our AzDA Services Board. The process of working with the board is rigorous, and it typically takes a few months. We do this because we want to make certain we're bringing on companies who will be an ally to our members and AzDA. Most companies, however, want to tap into our members immediately rather than waiting to go through the endorsement process, so initially signing up as AzDA Business Affiliate membership or taking advantage of other offerings in this media kit first makes sense if you're looking to market to our members immediately.

Reason 2) A proven track record of admirably serving AzDA member dentists and the dental community goes a long way
Having an established relationship with AzDA through an AzDA Business Affiliate membership or by having done some advertising/sponsorship with AzDA before asking to shift the relationship to a more involved level (by becoming endorsed and offering a revenue share), is advantageous in gaining AzDA Services Board support for your endorsement.

The AzDA Services Board looks closely at whether the company applying for endorsement has an established relationship with AzDA. They want to make sure companies are supporting AzDA and its members before trying to enter into a deeper relationship. The companies that have a previous relationship with AzDA (through advertising, sponsorship, or an affiliate membership) notably increase their odds of being considered as an endorsed partner. Conversely, companies immediately looking for a revenue share agreement but have no previous relationship with AzDA, AzDA members, or even other state dental associations, are rarely considered.

Like any mutually beneficial relationship (professional or personal), our AzDA Services Board believes that it is best to get to know the other party before making a commitment.