AzDA Business Affiliate Membership

The Business Affiliate Program is designed to provide businesses a formal relationship with the Arizona Dental Association that demonstrates their commitment and support to organized dentistry and AzDA member dentists. The Business Affiliate program requires both an annual financial contribution and the assurance of the highest level of customer service to AzDA members. A recognizable logo is actively promoted by AzDA in print and online advertising to AzDA Members. The logo is used by the Business Affiliate partners to promote their products and services to AzDA members providing an identifiable connection to AzDA and organized dentistry in Arizona.

A Tier 1 level membership is just $999
A Tier 2 level membership is just $499

Benefits of becoming an AzDA Business Affiliate:

  • Access to the AzDA Business Affiliate logo, which you can use to show your support of organized dentistry. AzDA members recognize the logo, and many are loyal to companies that support their Association.
  • 10% discount on advertising in Inscriptions (AzDA’s award-winning monthly publication).
  • 10% discount on exhibit booth space at AzDA’s annual dental convention, WRDE as well as AzDA’s Fall Conference.
  • 10% discount on Continuing Education (CE) table sponsorships.
  • Discounted flat rate for AzDA’s one-time use mailing labels.
  • Your business name and contact information are listed in our AzDA Business Affiliate section in both the print and digital versions of Inscriptions.
  • TIER 1 MEMBERSHIP ONLY—This $999 option includes free digital banners in our AzDA email updates (your banner will appear in four different emails) as well as an opportunity to contribute one sponsored article in an AzDA email update (your article will appear in one email) over the course of the year.

    Clients supply the graphic banner artwork and the content for the article (see specs and details below). Together, the banners and the featured article would cost $748 by themselves, so the Tier 1 offering is a great bargain.

    To give advertisers the most exposure with as little competition and clutter, AzDA runs only one banner ad and one sponsored article are featured in each email. Banner ads/articles are run on a first-come; first-served basis. Unless there is a major holiday, AzDA email updates are sent out every Tuesday and Thursday.

    Your graphic banner ads: the dimensions of the ad are 100 pixels high X 575 pixels wide. File formats can include JPG, PNG, or GIF. No animated GIFs, please. The color space is RGB. 72dpi. You’ll want to inform AzDA what website / URL you’ll want visitors to go to when they click your banner.

    Your sponsored article: these will be listed as "promoted content," so they can be sales or promotional in nature. As with any contributed content though, they need to be honest and factual. Content can be up to 1,000 words. Content is submitted as a PDF with—basic formatting, e.g., bold, italic, underline, are permitted. If, however, you already have the content on a web page on your website, I can link these up. Just let me know if you intend on submitting the article/content as a PDF or if it's on a web page on your website. Before approval, content is reviewed for credibility, truthfulness, and legality. Any claims in the article must include references. AzDA reserves the right to reject submissions.