Patients find you on ADA's "Find a dentist"

The ADA has imasted millions of dollars annually to make sure that patients looking for a dentist are directed to an ADA member.  Patients can't find you if you are not a member. National polls say that the ADA Code of Ethics is a major influence on patients’ choice of a dentist. How many patients could you gain if you were listed with us?

Advocacy puts money into your pocket

A strong grassroots lobbying program with ongoing monitoring of governmental agency regulations impacting the dental profession. Stopping the taxation of invisible ortho appliances, and getting licensing fees reduced are just two examples of AzDA advocacy in action. 

Patient complaint? We've got your back

A current patient left you a terse voicemail. She's unhappy with your treatment. If the complaint goes to BODEX, you’re in for a public, tedious, and expensive ride that may haunt you for the rest of your career. But as an AzDA member, you can rely on Mediation Services to resolve complaints quickly and confidentially.  

Big discounts on ​what you need and want

AzDA Perks focuses on providing valuable pre-screened products and services for our members. Only relevant products of exceptional quality, offering exclusive savings for AzDA members, receive the AzDA Perks endorsement.