AzDA 2014 Legislative Accomplishments

AzDA Initiated-SB 1343 – Clarifies Ownership and Registration Requirements for Dental Business Entities; sets posting requirements to help consumers

An anomaly in the Dental Practice Act exempts dental practices owned by “licensees” from requirements to register as a “business entity.” This means that under current law, dental practices can be owned by individuals with more limited forms of licenses - -like dental hygienists and denturists. SB 1343 makes it clear that only practices owned by DENTISTS are exempt from the business entity registration requirements. The Bill also enhances consumer information, to require practices that use a corporate form to post the names of the majority owners of the practice, and will require a Registered Business Entity to prominently post their registration certificate to allow for public inspection. SIGNED by the Governor April 25, 2014. Becomes effective July 24, 2014.

AzDA Supported-SB1135-qualified immunity; nonprofit clinics

This clarifies the definition of what settings constitute a “non-profit clinic” in statute. Because there is not a current definition in statute it is unclear to healthcare providers who would be willing to volunteer their time and services if they would have the additional liability protections included in this statute. The legislation defines a non-profit clinic as a healthcare setting where the patient receives care at no cost and would include a clinic, office, homeless or other shelter or screening fair, or other setting where free treatment, care or screenings are provided. Midwestern University believes that by clarifying these types of settings it will encourage healthcare providers to volunteer their time and services and increase care to this underserved, low income population. SIGNED by the Governor April 24, 2014. Becomes effective July 24, 2014.

AzDA Supported-HB2529-Cosmetic laser procedures; supervision; dentists

Maxillofacial surgeon as a health professional that is permitted to directly supervise a laser technician in the use of a laser or IPL device for cosmetic purposes. SIGNED by the Governor, April 14, 2014. Becomes effective July 24, 2014.


Despite the support of the Adult Benefit Coalition of Dental Care (ABCD), a group of 26 organizations supporting the restoration, efforts to include funding for the ALTCS and AHCCCS Adult Emergency Dental Benefit were not successful. The Coalition remains intact and will organize early to lobby hard for dental benefits in advance of the 2015 Legislative session. The effort gained high visibility for the plight of adults whose medical care is provided by AHCCCS and who most often are forced to turn to hospital ER`s for treatment, and for ALTCS patients, whose disabilities and oral health problems present serious quality of life and health challenges.