State legislative accomplishments

No matter how long you’ve been in practice in Arizona, if you’re like most dentists, you’ll be floored by how much legislation at the Arizona Capitol and AzDA’s advocacy efforts have an influence on how you practice.

Most dentists remark, “I had no idea all of this was going on behind the scenes at the Arizona Capitol!”

What’s even more daunting is that even if you are aware of the constant lobbying and legislative deal making at the Capitol, you don't have the time or the resources to do anything about it on your own. And let’s be honest—this isn't work that you want to be doing, is it? Your focus is on treating your patients.

But here’s the good news, AzDA is doing that advocacy work—fighting that fight for you and your fellow dentists.

Every single year, AzDA’s Council on Government Affairs and Advocacy Team puts in over 250 labor hours to protect your profession from government intervention, insurance companies, and outside third parties lobbying who push THEIR agenda, and not necessarily what’s best for dentistry and your patients.

They've got deep pockets and savvy lobbyists, and they're always down the Arizona Capitol. If you’re a dentist practicing in this state, the most effective way you can ensure you’re free from government overreach and insurance company hijinks is to support AzDA’s efforts through continued membership

Want to know what we’ve accomplished for you and your dentist colleagues over the last few years?

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ADA Advocacy

National (American Dental Association, ADA) legislative advocacy and accomplishments

AzDA has one of the strongest state-level advocacy efforts in the entire country, and you can bet we're proud of that. However, supporting AzDA through consistent membership also provides legislative muscle and victories for dentistry on a national level through the ADA's lobbying efforts.

Click here if you want to see what AzDA/ADA are doing for you and other dentists on a national level.

AzDA Friends of Dentistry

AZ Dental Political Action Committee: Friends of Dentistry

Helps raise funds for campaign contributions and the various activities relating to the legislature for candidates who understand the importance of dentistry.