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  Whatever your passion, talent, or schedule, AzDA has a volunteer
  opportunity for you

Whether your passion is helping others in need, becoming an advocate for the dental profession, getting involved in Arizona politics, mentoring an aspiring dental professional or sharing time to help your local community, AzDA has an opportunity that will be ideal for you. 

Leadership: Serve as a Council or Committee Member

Serving in leadership is your opportunity to make a difference in your profession. You also will benefit from networking with colleagues and discussing current clinical and management issues that affect your practice and profession as a whole.  

Not sure we could use you? We are always looking for members who want to step up and shape the future of their organization and their profession—especially if you haven't served in leadership before.

If you would like to get involved, but don't know quite where you would fit, don't let that worry you. We'll help you find a group you'll be comfortable and eager to join. Let us know you're ready to step up, we'll help do the rest. To get things started, email Executive Assistant Jan Jepson, and please note if there is a specific council or committee you'd like to join, or if you are open. Click here to check out the different councils and committees (1/2 way down the webpage). 

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Adopt a Legislator

The “Adopt a Legislator” Program educates state lawmakers on oral health care issues by developing personal relationships with AzDA members in their districts.  Members of the Arizona State Legislature live and work in your communities.  In fact, you may have one of them as your patient or neighbor, and legislators are always looking for input from constituents on a wide variety of issues. Specifically, they need to hear from dentists in matters that involve oral health in Arizona—that’s why this program needs you. We’ll help you to develop one-on-one relationships with the legislators that serve your community. In turn, you’ll become their source on what’s important to the dental community and advancing the oral health of all Arizonans. 

To volunteer and adopt one, two or all three of these members of the Arizona Legislature in your district, call 480.344.5777 ext. 309.

Arizona Community Dental Clinic (ACDC)


For seniors and individuals with a medical or behavioral disability, it is difficult to find affordable dental care. Help rebuild healthy lives by volunteering at the Arizona Community Dental Clinic. Conveniently located at the light rail stop on 12th Street and Washington, the clinic has been providing restorative care and removables to our most vulnerable citizens for over a year. Volunteer by completing the application available at http://acdcdental.org/give/volunteer/. Once submitted you will be contacted for scheduling. Questions? Call 602-258-1409.



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AzMOM—Central Arizona Dental Society’s Dental Mission of Mercy

The Central Arizona Dental Society Foundation will host its second Mission of Mercy (AzMOM) event at the Arizona Fairgrounds in Phoenix, AZ, December 13-14, 2013, utilizing 100 portable dental units and 1,500 volunteers.

More than $1,000,000 in free care is expected to be delivered to 2,000 patients. Both children and adults will be seen. Basic dental care includes items such as: fillings, extractions and cleanings. Limited lab work (i.e., stainless-steel crowns for children, treatment partials) will be offered. The program is unable to treat patients with specific medically-compromising conditions (e.g., extremely high blood pressure, high blood sugar, severe disabilities).

To volunteer or learn more information visit azmom.org.

Dental Day at the Arizona Capitol

Every February you can join us for “Dental Day at the Capitol”, an opportunity for you to talk one on one to your legislator and express your opinions on an array of legislation affecting access to care, oral health, and dental practice issues. Members who have “Adopted a Legislator” (see above) are strongly encouraged to attend.

Breakfast and lunch is provided and volunteers are able to observe various activities on the Senate or House Floor. The day usually wraps up by 2:00PM. 

Give Kids a Smile (GKAS)

Give Kids a Smile is run through AzDA’s non-profit arm, the Arizona Dental Foundation (ADF). Since 2000, 10,000 children aged 6-12 received almost $3 million in donated care. AzDA member dentists partner with local schools and community groups throughout Arizona to identify children whose parents cannot qualify for dental care.

  • About 51 million hours of school are lost each year due to dental problems.
  • 31% of Arizona children have never had a dental check-up.
  • Of 22 states with oral health data, Arizona ranks third highest (almost 39%) in the proportion of third grade children with untreated tooth decay. 
  • AHCCCS/Medicaid dental reimbursement rates are approximately 50% below what it costs to provide treatment.
  • For every $10 spent on prevention of oral health problems, an estimated $8-$50 can be saved in restorative and emergency treatment. 


To volunteer your time and talents, to obtain a schedule of upcoming GKAS events, or to just find out more information about the program, contact 480.344.5777 ext.325. Click here to send an email.


Donated Dental Services (DDS)

Hundreds of disabled and elderly citizens throughout Arizona have seriously-neglected dental problems. Arizona’s AHCCCS program provides only limited dental services and Medicare generally does not provide dental treatment. In fact, some people do not qualify for assistance even if they are disabled. As a consequence many disabled and elderly people suffer because they cannot pay for the dental care they need. Arizona dentists recognize that sometimes life situations interfere with the ability to obtain basic dental care. So they routinely volunteer to provide comprehensive dental services at no charge to people of all ages who, because of a serious disability, advanced age, or medical problems, lack adequate income to pay for needed dental care and have no dental insurance.

To volunteer your time and talents, to obtain a schedule of upcoming DDS events, or to just find out more information about the program, contact 480.344.5777 ext.325. Click here to send an email.

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Special Olympics Special Smiles

Volunteer dentists, hygienists, assistants, and dental students will screen 500 Special Olympic athletes as part of the Annual Healthy Athletes Special Smiles program.  The Special Olympics Special Smiles program focuses on improving the oral health of athletes at state sponsored Special Olympics Games.

Athletes will receive a non-invasive oral health screening, one-on-one tooth brushing instructions modified to accommodate their specific disability, an assessment of their oral health and referral information for dentists who treat patients with special needs. Finally, athletes will leave with a goody bag including toothpaste, toothbrush and floss.

To volunteer your time and talents, to obtain a schedule of upcoming Special Olympics events, or to just find out more information about the program, contact 480.344.5777 ext.325, or click here to submit an email