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What AzDA can do to help your career or practice grow

Patients don’t grow on trees, especially in this economy. That’s why we developed one of the most popular “Find a dentist” online resources in Arizona. AzDA’s “Find an Arizona Dentist” gets over 2,500 visits per month from real people looking for a dentist. With reports showing 70% of Arizonans using the Internet to find a dentist, how much business could you gain if you were listed with us? 

Here's the bottom line—just one referral from our “Find an Arizona Dentist” would pay for your annual dues. 


Just started a practice, or looking to buy one? 

Don't just 'hope' you'll be successful

Ever feel dental school didn't prepare you for the business side of running a practice? You aren't alone. Chances are, you are learning as you go, or just hoping for a smooth transition. Either way, you're taking a huge gamble with your success—you know better than that. 

You need an immediate competitive advantage—you need AzDA’s THEOS program (REAL, practical business insights that you didn't learn in dental school). Mentors attend each session, so you receive invaluable one-on-one insider info that would normally cost you thousands. This is an exclusive member benefit for AzDA members, so become a member, and then get in on the THEOS program. 

AzDA legislative advocacy puts money directly into your pockets

In the last year, Governor Brewer  signed our bill that gave BODEX the authority to LOWER your BODEX license fees. In response to that, BODEX lowered your license fees by $50.

In fact, AzDA scored a sweep in the 2011 Legislative Session: eight bills and eight successes! On your behalf, AzDA:

  • Devotes 8.8% of ADA and 15.4% of AzDA Dues percentage of dues revenue to lobbying efforts for organized dentistry in Arizona.
  • Sends a leadership delegation to both the Arizona and U.S. Capitol to develop resilient, on-going relations with key legislators.
  • Through ArDPAC, the Arizona Dental Political Action Committee, provides campaign support for elected officials who understand the importance of dentistry.
  • Is a constant advocate on legislative issues on the local, state and national level that directly affect you as a dental professional and small business.
  • Keeps you up-to-date on issues critical to your practice, like changes in laws and regulations that can expose you to risk for government fines, penalties or licensure action.
  • Works to prohibit the capping of fees.

Without AzDA’s advocacy efforts on your behalf, members are forced to deal with regulatory issues on their own, and may often have to engage legal counsel at considerable expense. AzDA’s expertise is as close as an email or a phone call to guide you through the complex maze of a regulatory or BODEX issue. Every day you see forces that are attempting to compromise dentistry in Arizona and across the Nation. Who but AzDA and the ADA will stand between you and those forces? Stand with us and keep your membership active.

Who's going to help you when a complaint is filed?
AzDA members know someone has their back


No matter how skilled you are, having a complaint filed against you is always a possibility. In fact, the number of complaints filed at BODEX are on the rise. What do you do if a complaint is filed against you? Who do you call? Who’s going to have your back?

If you were an AzDA member, you could call us for guidance through a complex regulatory or BODEX issue. Furthermore, if you were an AzDA member, you wouldn’t have to go through BODEX. You could use our Peer Review Dispute Resolution benefit, where complaints are confidentially reviewed by volunteer dentists. Peace of mind, and an experienced team when you need them—what’s that worth when the “unthinkable” happens?


AzDA's benefits package: member versus non-member

It Pays to be an AzDA Member
Timely and accurate notification of breaking news Not available
Online CE Tracking Not available
Online Mentorship Program Not available
36 CEUs at Western Regional Dental Convention (WRDC) & Fall Conference—about $5.00 per credit hour
31 CEUs from other providers to maintain dental license could cost thousands
Instant Job Alerts (via email)
Not Available
WRDC Registration Fee $175
WRDC Registration Fee $685
AzDA Fall Conference Registration Fee $225
AzDA Fall Conference Registration Fee $434
ADA Contract Analysis FREE (must go through AzDA). Without this, you could be vulnerable! Legal review are often extremely costly
Brown & Brown Insurance Programs Endorsed by AzDA Services: CNA Professional Liability Insurance, Risk Management Seminars, Advice Hotline & more
Identify, evaluate, and purchase separate insurance policies and services —VERY expensive! Costly legal services. No discount on insurance premium.
Endorsed by AzDA Services that include exclusive discounts on office supplies, merchant credit card fees, new patient marketing, and much more!
Pay significantly more for doing business with these companies without AzDA’s exclusive deals
FREE Peer Review dispute resolution process
Not available
Discount classified ads (in Inscriptions and on azda.org)
Retail pricing
Timely BODEX and legislative updates critical to Arizona dentists
Not available
Tax deduction on dues
Not available 


Free online CE tracking

Instead of keeping track of your CE in a manila folder stuffed with scrap papers, you can quickly document your CE hours on the secure AzDA website. CE tracking now has mobile functionality, so you can automatically enter the course codes and update your CE courses on your smart phone or tablet. Never use another sticky note to record your course info again! 

Additional perks:

  • Free subscription to the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA)
  • Free subscription to ADA News
  • Instant breaking dental news on ADA.org and AzDA.org
  • Free online and print subscription to Inscriptions, AzDA’s monthly 70 page publication
  • Save up to 50% on ADA online CEs
  • Monthly BODEX updates, reminders and case reviews
  • Immediate help if your office or home is damaged in an emergency or disaster 

Are the dues reasonable?


Absolutely. Take advantage of just a few of AzDA’s discounted CE and endorsed products/services, and your savings will more than pay for your dues. As an AzDA member, you’ll enjoy the following savings:

  • Up to 50% off of CE offerings, especially BODEX required CE
  • 10-15% savings on discounted liability and disability insurance
  • $650 savings in registration for the Western Regional Dental Convention*

Our members enjoy deep discounts through its AzDA Perks and ADA endorsed programs and services, including hotels, car rentals, credit card processing, payroll processing, collection services, and more. Tired of paying full price? Join AzDA and take advantage of discounts on products and services you need. 

* - Member versus non-member registration.

EZ payment plan—a worry-free way to manage your dues

Mark one task off your to-do list by signing up for the AzDA EZ-Payment Plan.  It is the worry free way to pay your dues.  When you sign up for the AzDA EZ-Payment Plan, you can prepay membership dues by choosing from two to eight equal payments (Nov through Jun). Click here for more information