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  Becoming an AzDA Perks Endorsed Business Partner

Our highest level of engagement to our members—becoming an official

Perks Endorsed Business Partner 


As an endorsed business partner, you’ll enjoy substantial savings of 15% off on opportunities to promote your products and services to our members, access to our member list on a quarterly basis, special "Endorsed Company" floor stickers and placards if you exhibit at AzDA's annual convention WRDC, and additional marketing exposure through AzDA's own promotion of the Perks Program to members.  

Beyond the attractive incentives and media portfolio discounts, the greatest value endorsement provides you is the ability to say and to show Arizona dental professionals that your company is officially endorsed by the state dental association. In getting a message directly to your target audience, and not tangled up with gatekeepers, there’s no better tool in your arsenal. Get instant credibility with over 2,400 Arizona dentists, get endorsed today.

This is an opportunity to fully engage your commitment to organized dentistry by contracting to offer exclusive savings to all AzDA member dentists, along with a royalty revenue share to AzDA Perks.

Is your company eligible to become a Perks Endorsed Business Partner? 

The AzDA Perks Program is a collection of dental industry companies that have been put through a rigorous consideration process to become endorsed by the Arizona Dental Association. The Arizona Dental Association only endorses companies of demonstrated quality and a viable application in the practice of dentistry and the general business operations of a dental office.

The AzDA Perks Program offers members negotiated discounts on product and services that help them be more efficient in their practice. Because of their credibility and commitment to providing exceptional service, AzDA Members look at endorsed companies as reliable, reputable business partners that they can trust.

If your company interested in becoming endorsed through the AzDA Perks Program, you will first want to consider and answer the following list of preliminary questions before contacting AzDA and beginning the consideration process:

  1. How long has your company been in business?
  2. What is your specialization in dentistry?
  3. Where does your company stand in market share within your business category among dentists in Arizona?
  4. What differentiates your company from your competitors?
  5. What is your geographic coverage? Do you have statewide coverage capability? 


The preceding list is a selection of some of the questions and areas of capability that you will address as you move forward in the consideration endorsement process. AzDA and the AzDA Services Board will conduct further inquiries as you move through the process.

The engagement with the AzDA Perks Program is contractual, and it calls for a negotiated discount offered to all AzDA members, along with a royalty on sales that are made to our members and quarterly reporting provided to AzDA. 

The AzDA Perks program requires a consistent commitment to marketing their products and services to AzDA members. Therefore, only companies with the resources and manpower to roll out a comprehensive marketing campaign to the full membership of AzDA receive this coveted endorsement. 

How does the endorsement process work?


The endorsement consideration process comprises three steps: 
  1. Work closely with the Business Development Manager, Terry Xelowski at the AzDA office, to develop a proposal that can work within the framework of the AzDA Services model following the general details provided in the proposal outline. Note, to make the best use of your time, avoid sending in unsolicited business proposals for endorsement. Let's talk first and determine the most effective way to move forward. 
  2. After the company has submitted a proposal that meets all of the criteria, references are checked. When that process has a positive outcome, the AzDA Services Board President and Secretary/Treasurer conduct an in-depth evaluation of the proposal and make a recommendation regarding whether it should go before the full Board. If the recommendation is to move it forward...
  3. The proposal goes on the agenda for the next available AzDA Services quarterly board meeting where it is presented, discussed, and voted upon.

How long does the endorsement process take?

It varies depending on the company, industry, and complexity of the proposal. AzDA Services has moved  through the endorsement process in as little as two months, while others have taken notably longer. Most importantly, we develop a long-standing relationship whereby all parties benefit. 

Taking the first step towards endorsement 

After you have reviewed the above requirements to become a Perks Endorsed Business Partner, if you are interested in joining this select group of valued AzDA business partners and moving through the rigorous consideration process to become an AzDA Perks Program Endorsed Company, contact Terry Xelowski, Director of Business Development at (480) 344-5777 ext. 313, or to discuss what opportunities are available to your company.