It's True, the Media is Always Looking for Good Content—
So is Inscriptions

AzDA is always looking for new contributors who can offer our readers timely, unbiased, and relevant insights. Whether you are dentist, dental team member, speaker or a professional who works with dental professionals, if you can provide our readers with valuable insights that will help them in the day-to-day operation of their practice, we want to hear from you. 

The first step in the submission process is to review the guidelines below. After you've reviewed them, email AzDA's Managing Editor at managingEditor [at] azda [dot] org and let them know you reviewed the submission guidelines and that you'd like to move forward in the process.

Inscriptions submission guidelines

Articles will need to be approved by our Editor and Council on Communications before insertion, and they are run based on available space (no guaranteed placement). Approved articles are run at the discretion of the Editor and Managing Editor, and are run in the first available publication. AzDA reserves the right to edit any submission for brevity and clarity. 
Article(s) need to be: 

  • Between 600-2,000 words (averaging 1,000 unless otherwise discussed). NOTE: A page in MS Word is about 500-550 words.

Focused on: 

  • Issues that directly affect organized dentistry.
  • Assist our AzDA members in running a more efficient, profitable practice.
  • New procedures, successful techniques or new advances in technology in organized dentistry.
  • Current legislature and how it specifically affects organized dentistry.
  • A human interest story that features an AzDA member.
  • AzDA member(s) volunteering her/his time and expertise in giving back to the community.
  • Without self-promotion. Inscriptions provides contributors with an opportunity to promote their business at the end of their article through a short bio, website address and photograph. Self-promotion in the article is strongly discouraged. 
  • Original submissions—no canned articles. 
  • Submitted in MS Word and use a common, easy-to-read typeface, such as Times, Arial, Calibri, Garamond, or Verdana. 
  • Proofed. Before you submit your article for consideration, please review your work for grammar, punctuation and structure. Consider asking someone else to review your article before submitting it.

Along with your article you’ll need to submit a short (20-50 word bio), and if available, a high-resolution, professional head shot (submitting these does not guarantee your article will be run).

What to keep in mind as you write your article

  • Does your article speak to what AzDA members are doing out in the community? Does it show how members are giving back, and how their work is affecting others in the community?
  • Is it clear how AzDA members would benefit from reading your article? 
  • Will this article help AzDA members run a more efficient, profitable practice?
  • Will this article inspire AzDA members?
  • Will your article paint AzDA members, sponsors or organized dentistry in a fair and good light?
  • Can your article provide valuable talking points to AzDA members?
  • Does your article address or clarify some important issue(s) that AzDA members are currently facing?
  • Does your article help patients of AzDA members? Does it provide any insight on improving patient care?
  • Is your article timely with what’s going on in the news? 

Have you already been approved to contribute to Inscriptions, and you're just looking for the author's agreement? Click here for a printable copy for you to fill out and fax back.