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FAQs about Membership

  1. Can I apply for membership if I am still in dental school?
    While you are still in school you will be a member of the American Student Dental Association (ASDA).After graduating, and receiving a license to practice dentistry in Arizona, you are eligible to apply for membership with AzDA/ADA.

  2. How do graduating dental school students take advantage of the reduced dues program?
    After graduating and receiving a license to practice dentistry in Arizona, dentists can apply for membership; however, you’ll also need to be living or practicing a majority of the time in Arizona to be eligible.

    You will retain your student membership status at the $5.00 student membership rate for the remainder of the year you’re graduating. The following year (your first full year out of school) your AzDA/ADA membership is FREE!  

    The rate will increase by just 25% of the full dues rate every subsequent year until you have reached a 100% of the full dues rate on your fifth year out of dental school. To qualify for this dues rate benefit you need to keep continuous membership for the full four years.  If your membership drops within the four years you would not be able to reinstate it at the reduced dues rate, so please keep your membership current!

  3. After graduation, do I automatically become a member of ADA and AzDA?
    A common misconception by dental students is that they are automatically moved into membership with the ADA, AzDA, and their local component society. This is not the case. Graduates from dental school must complete a membership application before their membership becomes effective.

    Please fill out and return the ADA Tripartite Membership Application to the AzDA office and once it is processed, and any dues are paid, your membership will be complete.