Contact your legislators and tell them you support this bill.

The following link will allow you to look up your state legislators - https://azredistricting.org/districtlocator/

Feel free to complete the highlighted portions of the email below and send it to your legislators:


My name is [INSERT NAME], I live in your district, work in the dental field, employ [NUMBER] employees, and treat approximately [NUMBER] patients each year.  I am sending you this message, because as your constituent I am asking you to support and vote in favor of Senate Bill 1138.  SB 1138 would solve the following issues, so I and other Arizona dental providers can continue to provide quality dental care to Arizona patients.

  • Transparency:  Numerous dental offices and their staff spend countless hours and resources trying to determine what dental benefits their patients are entitled to receive.
    • SB 1138 would require dental insurers and plans to create websites so the patient or dentist could quickly and easily determine the patient’s dental benefits.
  • Prohibiting Prior Approvals:  In certain instances, a dental insurer or plan will make a predetermination of benefits and then pay less or not pay at all for the dental services.
    • SB 1138 would require dental insurers and plans, other than in certain circumstances, to pay the actual amount they have already promised to pay as set forth in a written predetermination.
  • Payment Issues:  Some plans and insurers who have overpaid an insured’s prior dentist, will deduct that overpayment from the amount owed to an insured’s current dentist.
    • SB 1138 would prohibit this unfair practice.

Thank you for your commitment and service.