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The Arizona Dental Association assists the dental professional in the pursuit of personal and professional excellence in the ethical delivery of the highest level of care to the public by providing educational, leadership, communications and charitable opportunities.

The Arizona Dental Association is one of 53 constituent/territorial societies of the American Dental Association, and represents two out of three of all licensed dentists in Arizona. More than 2,300 members, comprising every dental specialty, collectively exemplify the AzDA mission of establishing the highest standard of care for the public and inspiring members in the pursuit of professional excellence through education, leadership, and communications.

AzDA is comprised of three components representing different geographical sections of the state: Central Arizona Dental Society, Northern Arizona Dental Society, and Southern Arizona Dental Society.


AzDA dentists provide free care to hundreds of hundreds of disadvantaged children each year through Arizona Dental Association's charitable arm, the Arizona Dental Foundation and its Give Kids a Smile program. Countless individual dentists routinely provide free or discounted care to people who otherwise couldn't afford it, care that, according to one survey, amounted to $1.6 billion in a single year.

The Arizona Dental Foundation also participates on the "Donated Dental Services" program. Arizona dentists recognize that sometimes life situations interfere with the ability to obtain basic dental care. So they routinely volunteer to provide comprehensive dental services at no charge to people of all ages who, because of a serious disability, advanced age, or medical problems, lack adequate income to pay for needed dental care and have no dental insurance. Contact the Arizona Dental Foundation at for more information.


The ADA strongly supports community water fluoridation as the single most effective public health measure to protect against tooth decay. No matter what your economic status, you can help guard against tooth decay simply by drinking fluoridated water. It's estimated that for every dollar spent on community water fluoridation, $38 in dental treatment cost is saved. 30 percent of Americans who receive water through public water systems still don't enjoy the benefit of optimally fluoridated water. Community water fluoridation, school-based/school-linked dental programs and dental health education are critical components of the type of comprehensive system needed to end the scourge of untreated oral disease among the most vulnerable Americans. When state or federal governments increase funding for public health insurance programs, more people get the care they need, and the data back this up.

More than 180 million U.S. residents are served by water supplies in which fluoride has been adjusted to an optimal level to help prevent tooth decay. Several communities in Arizona have adopted water fluoridation, including Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, and Yuma. The Arizona Dental Association wants Arizonans to know that, when adjusted to optimal levels, water fluoridation is a safe and effective tool to help dentists and patients fight tooth decay.