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What is AzDA Perks ?

The AzDA Perks Program (or AzDA Perks) is a collection of products and services, ranging from practice finance to liability insurance, web design, and everything in between—all endorsed by the Arizona Dental Association because of their value and commitment to you, our members.

When you are ready to make your next professional purchase, call on us to help. We can save you money and time, and give you peace of mind. Browse companies who have made an exclusive service commitment and pricing discount to you by clicking the drop down field in the blue bar above. 

Say “Hello” to Purchasing Power

As a sole or small group practitioner, you don’t have the purchasing power to take advantage of deep discounts, but AzDA Perks changes all this. We can help you grab bigger discounts, better rates, and yes, special perks, because we can negotiate on behalf of you and your 2,400 fellow AzDA members.

Let Your Colleagues be a Personal Research Team

Think of the AzDA Perks as your personal research and referral team. Every company we endorse has been thoroughly checked out by volunteer dentists—your colleagues and AzDA management—so you can trust that you're dealing with reputable companies.

Interested in Becoming an Endorsed Company through the AzDA Perks Program

Click Here to view the AzDA Perks Program Proposal outline

Purchase with Confidence 

In addition to offering great deals on products and services, Perks endorsed companies have made a commitment to you (AzDA members) to provide priority service and outstanding value. In fact, they've put it in writing. If you have a question or concern about one of our endorsed companies, call us and we’ll handle it for you.

Suggest a New Endorsed Category

Have a suggestion for a new Perks' endorsed category that would benefit you and your member dentist colleagues? Let us know—AzDA's management and the AzDA Services' Board will be happy to take your suggestion under advisement.

Keep in mind that in order to ensure the companies AzDA endorses provide you the highest level of service and commitment, the endorsement process is meticulous and rigorous. Adding a new company or category often takes several months. However, AzDA wants you to get as many "perks" for your membership, so if you have a suggestion about the Perks Program, please email AzDA's Director of Business Development Terry Xelowski.