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Preliminary Numbers from AZMOM

by User Not Found | Dec 11, 2012

Scottsdale dentist

We’re still tabulating the numbers, but here’s what we preliminary have to report from last weekend’s AZMOM at Veterans Coliseum:

  • 1,659 patients treated
  • 1, 561 volunteers, including about 300 dentists
  • $1,280,000 total value of treatment
  • Average value of treatment per patient: $772
  • Based on the money we raised to support the event, every $1 contributed resulted in almost $8 of treatment.

  • Hygiene—1769
  • Fillings—1,195
  • Root Canals—81
  • Extractions—2,448
  • Lab incl. partials/denture repairs—118

As it comes in, additional information will follow.