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Success in our advocacy efforts should not merely be measured by how well it helps me as a doctor. Instead, success should be measured by how effective we’ve been in helping our members reach their goals, the strength of the legislative voice we have, and our ability to keep our profession strong.  We need to maintain a resilient leadership role as it relates to legislative advocacy, especially in a time when all healthcare professions are being challenged.  Dentistry is being challenged—our livelihoods are being challenged. In order to do this, we need to make our voice heard in the legislative process.  This involves “dentistry” being strongly heard on a local, state and national level.

Members of AzDENPAC appreciate the incredible success of our legislative efforts in the past several years and the hard work of our Council on Government Relations. We believe that our members need to express their appreciation for that success by being members of AzDENPAC. AzDENPAC believes that it is both your duty and responsibility to show support for AzDA’s advocacy on your behalf.


ADPAC played an incredibly important role in the re-election efforts of our own favorite son and Congressman Dr. Paul Gosar, and has made campaign contributions in several key Congressional races in Arizona across both parties.  ADPAC has also been recognized that second most powerful healthcare PAC in the United States (just behind the cardiologists).  To sustain and improve on that effort here in Arizona, we have committed to both broaden the span of our contributors, and raise more money.



Thanks to those who helped to make us a Super-Pac!

AZDENPACThe Arizona Secretary of State that we have again qualified for “SUPER-PAC” status. Of the hundreds of PACs registered here in Arizona, only about 30 have this designation. That means that we need to show that we have at least 500 individual contributors to AzDENPAC to qualify. “Super-PAC” status allows AzDENPAC to give significantly larger campaign contributions to individual candidates for legislative and statewide offices. Those contributions are directed to candidates who know and understand dental practice and oral health care issues.

To be a “Sustaining Member” in AzDENPAC is only $100—and part of your contribution ($50) goes to ADPAC, the political action committee of the ADA that contributes to Federal election campaigns. As a reminder, if you have already given, your spouse or significant other, your children (as long as they are over the age of 18), and your staff members can donate as “Friends of Dentistry” at $10 each. We also encourage you make a larger contribution as an “Advocate of the PAC” ($250), a Champion of the Pac ($500) or a “Leader of the PAC” at $1,000.


Help Carry the Load
Last year, only a small percentage of AzDA members made contributions to AzDENPAC. After all the AzDA Legislative successes of the last several years, can you afford to stand idly by while these few members carry the load on your behalf? Get out that checkbook and dig deep. Make sure that we can continue to support your interests and protect the oral health of all citizens of our great State!


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